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Special 3d-simulation system for fasteners industries


The Fasteners industries are component suppliers mainly of the automotive industry, aircraft industry, aerospace industry and electronics industry. The design of the manufacturing processes is based largely on experience and scientific rules formulated in the past without knowledge of modern process technology and material properties. Often a suitable process design is found using a cost intensive trial and error approach. The finite element method (FEM) enables technologically optimal process designs and thus enables considerable cost savings of materials, tools and tests. At the same time it aids the introduction of new technological process designs for new materials and for new products. At present for 3D modelling this method is used only in scientific institutions or in large enterprises with their own research and development departments and usually by specialist employees. The main disadvantage in 3D modelling is the complex and difficult nature of Preand Postprocessing. The existing systems were originally designed with a general purpose character and they are therefore difficult to master and time consuming. For cold forming processes typical of fastener production tool surfaces and process conditions must be accurately described as part of the pre-processing system. Usually the description of tool surface is given by a mesh of triangular elements generated by general CAD systems. This tool description often results in a model of insufficient accuracy for the purposes of process simulation. The partners have therefore gathered to develop a 3D simulation tool for process modelling which fits the requirements specifically of the cold forming fastener industry. Special semi-intelligent Pre- and Postprocessing modules will be added to an existing 3D code. The tooling components will be restricted to geometries typical of those used by the above industries. Because of these geometries existing algorithms from 2D FEM can be extended to 3D. The result will be a 3D system that can be used easily by personal with no specialist training in metal forming or finite-element techniques and therefore can be introduced rapidly at SMEs in the Fasteners industries.

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