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Study and development of a new technology for cooking fragile and expensive fruits, under pressure and with specific control and process management for a more effective production and to decrease important wastage


The main goal of this project is to create the prototype of a new equipment with innovative heat treatment process under pressure and with control and process survey technologies . The study and creation of a prototype should be necessary and the SME proposers - manufacturers of special qualities of candied chestnuts and jams and derivated products for agro-industry - would be interested to contribute to this project and work with RTDs dedicated to study and specifications of a prototype able to solve the problems of breakage, time and energy consumption, conservation and wastage, control and automation for all types of fragile and expensive fruits, and then perforrn tests of the prototype and on selected products . The interest of such a research is to create a new heating process able to preserve the properties of specific fnuits, and determine substantial economies in speed and less wastage . The here after SMEs are specialised in complementary processes and have the same need to develop an ergonomic and efficient prototype to reach their goal . Considering both economical and technological aspects developing such a prototype is too much complicate and risky without the contribution of major RTDs .

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