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EUSTAT has produced Educational material for self-education of end-users of Assistive Technology, and Guidelines and Tools for carrying out educational initiatives that facilitate empowerment of people with disabilities to make informed, appropriate and responsible choices of Assistive Technology. The EUSTAT products chiefly consist of a set of four books: 1. Go for it! A manual for users of Assistive Technology. An educational package for basic self-training of people with disabilities in relation to assistive technology. 2. Guidelines for courses for user empowerment in relation to Assistive Technology. A manual for trainers and organizers of educational initiatives directly addressed at end-users of Assistive Technology. 3. Programs in Assistive Technology Education for end-users in Europe. An inventory - and a comparative analysis - of 87 ongoing educational programs for end-users that were identified in Europe during the EUSTAT study. 4. Critical factors involved in user education to Assistive Technology. A baseline study that provides the theoretical framework of the whole topic. Project URL:
The provision of clothing and special textiles for disabled and elderly people must be improved. The easytex database provides a central source of information in this area. Manufacturers/suppliers will be made aware of their potential market, and carers and individuals will increase their awareness of what products and services are currently available to them. The web based database will offer direct links to other web pages, enabling communication to main national care organisations in Europe and their local resources.

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