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Hemispheric models and data within the SESAME campaign


The objective of the present project is to contribute in the SESAME campaign with emphasis on:

- obtaining a high quality set of meteorological data: stratospheric analyses, potential vorticity analysis, and isentropic trajectories;
- determining global ozone distribution from satellite data (TOVS and GOME) and the ground based network for all the duration of the SESAME;
- concentrating the data obtained during SESAME into the NILU's Atmospheric Database for Interactive Retrieval (NADIR);
- extracting the data collected from the central database to ease the mission planning during the different phases of the campaign;
- use the meteorological data and a 3D model to analyse the chemical composition of the stratosphere.

To conduct this work four main tasks have been identified:

a) Total ozone measurements. To collect total ozone measurement from satellite (TOVS/HIRS2, GOME) and ground base stations, to transmit ozone maps in real time to the balloon launch sites and to concentrate the ozone data into the NADIR database.

b) Meteorological and related data. To assemble the best quality data for temperature, winds, geopotentials, potential vorticity and trajectories or air masses based on the ECMWF forecast suite and conventional network, and to make them available in quasi-real time. To transfer all these data into the NADIR database.

c) To run the NADIR database in support to SESAME. Store, collect and make available to all the participants of SESAME the overall set of measurements and supported data during the campaign.

d) Chemical modelling of the lower stratosphere during SESAME. Make a 3D calculation of the distribution of minor species for data interpretation. Using the model on evaluation of the probability of air masses being processed through PSCs before reaching the mid-latitudes will be made.


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