CORDIS - Forschungsergebnisse der EU

Development of fundamental data and recommendations for radiological protection


The primary objective of this concerted action is to provide scientifically based ICRP recommendations leading to an appropriate standard of radiological protection, without unduly limiting beneficial practices.
The concerted action will consider the risk of induction of cancer and heritable disease (stochastic effects) together with the underlying mechanisms of radiation action, and the risks, severity, and mechanism of induction of tissue/ organ damage and developmental defects (deterministic effects). Dose coefficients will be developed for internal and external radiation exposure. Biokinetic and dosimetric models and reference data for workers and members of the public will be provided. Protection will be addressed for the persons and unborn children concerned when ionising radiation is used for medical diagnosis, therapy, or biomedical research. Advice will be given on how to apply existing recommendations on radiological protection in occupational and public exposure. Work will also begin on new fundamental recommendations to be based on this programme. Radiation effects will be addressed under four headings: radiation risks to embryo and foetus; risks of late harm due to low doses of radiation, variations in risk due to different radiation qualities; and new developments in radiobiology.
For dose calculation, coefficients will be produced for doses from intakes of radionuclides, including doses to the embryo and foetus by intakes from the mother. Coefficients will also be derived for exposures from external irradiation. The methods of dose calculation will be reviewed, and the biokinetics for intakes of radionuclides via the human alimentary tract will be clarified. As a basis for further analyses, reference anatomical and physiological values for man will be assembled.
Some six topics will be studied in the area of medical radiation protection. The problems of pregnancy in this context will be discussed. Safety and risks during radiotherapy will be discussed, and high doses during interventional radiology will be considered. Dose data for new radiopharmaceuticals will be given, external exposures in medical irradiation will be discussed, and new methods in radiation medicine will be analysed.
Standards for radiological protection of the environment will be developed, and recommendations will be provided on how to satisfy such standards. Methods of assessment of effects on man of releases of radionuclides into the environment will also be derived.

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