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Embedded filter unit for automotive signal conditioning


Within this project an on-chip RISC programmable coprocessor for embedded controller in automotive applications is being developed. This coprocessor (herein referred to as "Signal Filter Unit" - FILU) performs numerical calculation independently to the main CPU. It fulfils the growing requirements of the automotive controller to run fast digital filtering like IIR and FIR, data stream generation, and artificial neural networking e.g. for knock detection, engine management, Airbag, ABS, etc.

Within this project the following tasks are addressed:

- Development of a RISC programmable digital filter peripheral for automotive applications to be placed in the ELI.
- Develop software interface between digital filter peripheral and EOS micro kernel operating system.
- Develop new design flow and standards for automotive silicon development (Top-Down Design Flow Completely Vertically Integrated)
- Develop filter software library for digital filter peripheral
- Design code development software for digital filter peripheral
- Demonstrate the ELI/FILU on an embedded controller from Motorola used in today's engine management system. This project will demonstrate the concept of ELI first time on a Motorola high end embedded controller.
- Demonstrate these new technologies by an automotive demonstrator: an advanced engine management unit.

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