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Sensor fused intelligent monitoring system for machining

Exploitable results

The potential of imaging spectroscopy to solve spectral classification and sorting problems is demonstrated in two different types of industrial pilot applications: - Grading and sorting of ceramic tiles and stones for the building industry - Measurement of colour properties of moulded and coloured plastic parts for consumer applications. In the tile classification the system detects unwanted colour and texture properties and sorts production accordingly. In plastic part sorting the system verifies the colour of the product based on a library of predefined colours. The task of grading these products imposes varying demands as regards speed, resolution and detectable properties. Project co-ordinator Spectral Imaging Ltd. (Finland), is a developer and manufacturer of industrial imaging and multipoint spectroscopy instrumentation. Orbis Oy (Finland), is a system integrator for measurement systems mainly for the electronics industry. LCG S.r.l. (Italy) is a system integrator specialised in machine vision systems for industrial and medical automation and production lines. The partners form a group with existing direct links to industrial end users in related fields. Successful results can thus be readily utilised in commercialising the measurement system. The same demonstrated measurement principle can afterwards be applied to other similar application areas by adapting the sorting algorithms.