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Awareness creation campaign of machine vision

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USE VISION is an Awareness Creation Campaign activity with four assessments. This campaign concentrates on machine vision technology and its industrial applications. USE VISION belongs to the group of activities called "Technology Transfer Node of Machine Vision in Finland". This Node is one of 20 similar Nodes in Europe forming an HPCN-TTN network in the Programme programme. The awareness creation campaign included the organisation of a Machine Vision Technology Transfer workshop and Vision Boulevard and Vision Forum at the Automation 97 exhibition in Helsinki and a Quality Management by Machine Vision seminar and exhibition in Espoo. These events, in addition to general awareness raising generated new project concepts and valuable contacts with the industry and research world. FUR assessment opened new challenging colour grading applications in sorting natural materials like pelts. For fur producers, this new system offers objective and accurate grading and solves the problem of fluctuating work load peaks of highly trained graders. METAL-SORT assessment proves how shredded scrap metal could be sorted into different materials based on their colour. The recycling business is growing rapidly, and colour vision technology will definitely have its fair share of this business. BISCUIT assessment brought valuable on-line control and analysis tools to food processing. The system improves the yield and quality. The fast payback is reached with improved uptime and fast recovery of the process. The quality-grading unit used in these demonstrators is based on a colour line scanning machine vision system. ATE-Applied technical Engineering Ltd., one of the project partners, developed the unit. The equipment measures the object size, shape, colour, position etc. It can be used in the food industry, mineral industry, different kinds of recycling, fur industry etc. The equipment works as a stand-alone system or as a measuring device connected to a factory controlling system. PCBMEASURE assessment tackled the problem of wrapping printed circuit boards. On-line measurements control the flatness of the boards before assembly. The yield improves and work and materials will be safeguarded by early rejections. Project URL:

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