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Thermal insulation measurement of cold protective clothing using thermal manikins


The thermal insulation property of protective clothing against cold is of extreme importance for the health, safety and comfort of the user. The objective measurement of the thermal insulation as described in ENV 342, Annex A, is done using a moving thermal manikin. Critics has been raised against the standard, as the reproducibility of test results from different laboratories, using somewhat different manikins, has not been proved for a range of clothing ensembles, and sufficient validation of the manikin tests compared with human physiological reactions has not been shown. The main objective of the project is to create data from tests on clothing ensembles for a range of conditions, to show the reproducibility of the test method and the applicability of the thermal insulation values for prediction of the cold protective property . The clothing ensembles will be intended for use in moderate to very low temperatures (0 to -50 °C ) .

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