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The "Internet Medical Assistance Service - e.MEDICAL TM" is operated as an on-line service, and integrates a downloadable shareware to view digital SCP-ECG (Standard Communications Protocol - ElectroCardioGram) records, a portable telemedicine workstation (hardware and software) for remote sites (e.g. oil platform, remote plant), the MEDICO software for medical advice centres and an open standardised integrated medical record system for primary healthcare centres called "Integrated Primary Healthcare Centre Information System (IPHCIS)". The e.MEDICAL TM service maintains a quality service when patients (travellers, expatriates, rural populations) are moved out of isolated regions or across national borders, improves continuity of care across borders throughout the repatriation process, sets up a communication system to enable efficient co-operation between assistance companies and the mandated healthcare professionals to share and exchange medical, administrative and logistic information related to the patient, improve costs containment, reduce duration of stay in remote hospitals. The platform provides multi-assistance companies: each assistance company handles its own case files securely and accesses a large network of registered health provider structures. Registration of hospital users is free of charge and is continuously expanding. The platform is "open" and standards based: https / SSL - 128bits encryption, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine(DICOM) and SCP-ECG supported, compliance with EU standards for the Electronic Patient Record, time stamping. Operation of the platform is ensured by the Tentelemed consortium, Paris - France. Project URL: i