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SEAHORSE will explore the potential of telematics to help AIDS sufferers, with an emphasis on user-friendly access to practical information for patients and those supporting them. The development of integrated patient records to improve collaboration among professional staff and a multimedia approach to AIDS/HIV-linked health promotion will be considered. The project will also study the matching between user needs and existing telematics applications, and the implications of issues such as confidentiality on care services. It will also consider networks of self-help etc. on a European scale.

SEAHORSE is a feasibility study which explores the potential for harnessing developments in telematics to foster and support user empowerment through providing users in the field of HIV/AIDS with the means for more active and informed involvement with their health care.

This entails providing user-friendly access to medical and other information for self-managing the illness on the one hand, and enabling house bound patients and their carers to share practical information, emotional support and common concerns on the other. It seeks to harness telematics in the development of integrated patient records as a means towards facilitating better collaboration among healthcare professionals providing home, ambulatory and clinical care. It will also explore the potential for using multimedia materials for the development of health promotion materials for AIDS/HIV.

The proposal combines action research and applications development and integration activities in order to realise healthcare solutions for user groups living and working with HIV and AIDS. Its research activities will: map the needs and requirements of identified users in relation to the functionalities of existing telematics applications for healthcare; examine the implications of issues such as confidentiality and access of data and the empowerment of users for the development of healthcare provision; examine changing patterns in 'health alliances', for example the formation of direct end-user -supplier relationships, in relation to the marketisation of healthcare, and identify the pattern, spread and characteristics of self-help and other user networks for people with AIDS and HIV on a European scale.

These research activities will inform the parallel and iterative development of specifications for pilot demonstrators intended to deliver telematics-based support for users. The principal demonstrator product envisaged comprises an integrated telematics-based Healthcare Support Environment (HSE) for People with AIDS and their carers.

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