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European Summer School on Microscopic Quantum Many-Body Theories and Their Applications (II and III)


The proposed series of schools would continue and expand upon the very successful EC summer school on "Microscopic Quantum Many-body Theories (QMBT) and their Applications" that was held in Sept. 1997 in Valencia, Spain. It is clear that a single summer school cannot exhaustively cover the entire field of QMBT. Hence one should continue this initiative, following the success of the first School, while expanding its scope, specially towards active areas of modern physics research. The proposed schools will serve both to cover advances in standard many-body techniques and to introduce some of the most innovative recent developments. Following this approach, Correlated Basis Function (CBF) Theory, Coupled Cluster Method (CCM), Green's Functions Theory, and stochastic simulation methods will be reviewed in both the schools, since they are widely recognized as providing the most powerful and widely applicable implementations of all available formulations of QMBT.

Moreover, Hyperspherical Expansions and Density Functional Theory will be presented and discussed in the first school, and "exotic" Fermi liquids and Neural Networks in the second. The future evolution of the field depends to a large extend on the possibility of establishing connections between these different methods, with the specific aim of devising hybrid procedures that can build upon the strengths of each theory. Thus, the selected keynote speakers are not only highly recognized specialists in their field, but also well known for their broad perspectives and their ability and willingness to exploit such connections. The in-depth keynote lectures will be supplemented by a series of specialized lectures which will address timely subjects such as applications to molecules, clusters, nuclei, confined geometries, and Bose-Einstein condensations, in addition to experimental aspects of the field.

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