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International School on Foundations of Secure Analysis and Design


Security in computer systems and networks is emerging as one of the most challenging research areas for the future, as witnessed, for instance, by the new explosive emerging technologies for e-commerce. Despite of this, there is not easily accessible knowledge in this area; in particular, it is difficult to collect together a group of leading experts in the field to provide scientific education to young researchers. Knowledge in this area is often inside industries or military agencies and not so wide-spread in academia, maybe with the exception of cryptography (intentionally not a topic of the school).

Hence, the main aim of the international school FOSAD is to offer a rare opportunity to graduate students or young researchers, to get exposed to lectures by leading experts in the area of security on a good spectrum of current research in foundations of security, ranging from computer security to programming languages, from network security to analysis of protocols. The school is composed of 8 main courses (see details below) and some additional short courses. FOSAD is organised under the auspices of IFIP TC1 (specifically IFIP WG 1.7on Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design), EATCS-IT (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science - Italian Chapter), University of Bologna.

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This event takes place in Bertinoro - Forli


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