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Refurbishment of building and bridges


The main task of the proposed course is to provide an advanced training programme for young engineers and architects in the field of structural restoration. The initiative aims at making for a better understanding of the main refurbishment criteria in the relevant application fields, with a particular emphasis to the interventions on monumental constructions. For this reason, the participation of experts coming from several areas is planned. Improving both knowledge and awareness of people involved in this practice would mean a deeper exploitation of precious and invaluable resources spread all over European countries. The course is mainly focused on the use of metal materials, and in particular steel, as appropriate materials both from structural and architectural point of view.

Within the proposed initiative many innovative aspects can be found, related not only to the assessment of new experiences and knowledge and to the international character of the proposed activity, but also to its multidisciplinary character, obtained by means of the participation of trainers belonging to different cultural areas. A special attention is paid to the application of new techniques in the consolidation practice, as well as to the seismic protection of existing buildings and bridges by means of innovative systems. Similarly, a great emphasis is given to the presentation of the results recently developed within some European projects dealing with restoration topics. All these features allow for gathering the contributions of both researches and professionals, with the main purpose to provide a common basis for the advanced training of young operators.

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