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Bacterial Interactions with Mucus and Mucosa


The object of this conference series is to bring together scientists from four related but separate areas of research to an interface - bacterial interactions with mucus. Mucus is the interface that bacteria must cross to invade mucosa.
The related areas are
(1) mucosal invasion which includes ligand/receptor interactions, adherence between bacteria and cells, cell invasion and intracellular survival and growth;
(2) mucus including mucosal protection and mucosal immunity;
(3) mucus/bacteria interactions, includes mucus penetration mechanisms, microbial recognition of glycoconjugates and bacterial survival in mucus;
(4) biofilms, these are responsible for 65% of human bacterial infections, ranging from tooth decay, prostatitis, kidney infections to otitis media with effusion.
It is critical to understand how mucus interacts with biofilms and what the triggers are to inter convert bacteria between biofilms and planktonic states. The four areas covered are all related at a central point i.e. mucus the first line for defence for a mucosa and the first point of attachment of an invading bacteria. This conference series will put these four areas into a melting pot and develop a concerted approach to research considering all these parameters simultaneously.

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