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Quantum entanglement and information processing


This international summer school on "quantum entanglement and information processing" offers young researchers a comprehensive program covering all the main aspects of this very active research field. It has been recognized recently that the strange features of the quantum world could be used for new information transmission or processing functions such as quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation or, more ambitiously, quantum computing. These fascinating perspectives renewed the interest in fundamental quantum properties and lead to important theoretical advances, such as quantum algorithms and quantum error correction codes. On the experimental side, remarkable advances have been realized in quantum optics, solid-state physics or nuclear magnetic resonance, leading to the demonstration of quantum logics operations and small quantum computing algorithms. The field of quantum information is multidisciplinary, gathering researchers from various branches of physics and chemistry, as well as specialists of information and complexity theories. There is thus a great need for a summer school presenting all aspects of this rapidly growing activity. The subject is mature enough to allow an in-depth description of the main theoretical issues. It is new and active enough to attract a great number of bright young researchers, with a wide range of activities. This school could play an important role in the future development of the field by providing its students a common language and background and by creating links between different scientific communities.

The invited lecturers are some of the most active scientists in this field. All of them made major contributions to the progresses of quantum information processing. They have been chosen also for their communication skills and their dedication to students training. The school will be organized around five series of introductory lectures on "quantum optics and decoherence", "solid-state physics", "quantum computing", "NMR information processing" and "ion traps". Shorter lectures series on "error correction", "quantum communication", "entangled photons", "cavity QED", "superconducting qubits", "nanomagnetism" will also be organized. Additional seminars on hot topics, some of them given by the participants, will be organized.

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