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Convergence, digital media&innovation: the internet and digital 'content' applications


E.U. FELLOWSHIPS IN SOCIO-ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF DIGITAL MEDIA We invite applications for research Fellowships focused on socio-economic and policy aspects of new ICTs and/or digital media ['content'] applications. The fellowship awards are funded by the Marie Curie programme of the EU's Fifth Framework Programme. These particular Fellowships will be based in the Communication, Technology and Culture (COMTEC) research centre, Dublin City University. Founded in 1991, COMTEC is an interdisciplinary research unit focused on the socio-economic and policy aspects of new ICTs and the changing information economy. The COMTEC centre combines expertise in the fields of institutional economics, sociology and policy studies. COMTEC's SPECIALIST AREAS : RESEARCH EXPERTISE & DOCTORAL TRAINING The COMTEC centre supports Doctoral Research students working in one of the three main fields of the centre's research expertise/interests. These comprise:
1) Information and Technology As Drivers of a 'New Economy'/'Information Society' Empirically-based analyses and evaluations of current models of the strategic contours of socio-economic change, with a particular emphasis on the leading-edge sectors of the 'new economy' or 'information society'.
2) Structural Change in the Media and Public Communication Systems: grounded research on supply-side and demand-side (user) aspects of convergence and innovation processes in electronic communication and information markets
3) Innovation Dynamics and New Combinations of Competencies: The Interplay of Digital Technology, 'New Media' and the 'Mature Media' Further information from: Prof. Paschal Preston, Director, COMTEC, Dublin City Univ Glasnevin, Dublin 9 IRELAND Tel. +353-1- 700-5478 Email:


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