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The main objective of Quatre Mains Intermodal (QMI) is to develop decision support tools for:

- the development of economic regions towards regions with a high potential for economic and logistic activities (economic-logistic transfer regions), closely connected towards present and future qualitative improvements of the (intermodal) transport network.

- the development of corporate business strategies - per segment - towards the potentials of redesigned industrial logistics related to the quality of the network and the optimal exploitation of possibilities offered by economic-logistic transfer regions.

Dissemination of the project results and the decision support tools aim for a better, more efficient use of the existing capacity of European infrastructure by regions and industries. The main project results and basic support tools will also be made available via the internet /electronic highway.

The involved intermodal transport regions are:

Duisburg (D), West-Flanders (B), Twente/Arnhem-Nijmegen (NL) and Bordeaux (F).

Selected demonstrator industries are automotive, building construction, waste and removals.
The Quatre Mains Intermodal project has a close relationship with the Intermodal Quality (IQ) project. It serves as a necessary and natural enhancement of this project, which is vital for the success of any Intermodal Transport operation. The Quatre Mains Intermodal project is also linked with the INTERREG II-C programme as well as IMPREND.

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