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Converse in AThens 2004, Cologne and Helsinki


CATCH 2004 will first identify the end-users, information providers and system operators in the two participating cities (Athens and Helsinki) and then application scenarios will be specified. The applications to be implemented will be chosen for three different communication systems, namely voice telephone access, smart wireless communication devices and information kiosks. In addition, the identification and specification of the most suitable architecture, in terms of technical and functional aspects, for the two locations will be done. A single, unified architecture will be defined as a core version. However, via functional protocols and application abstraction levels, three adapted and refined architectural modules, suitable to the different end-user devices, will be delivered. The project will also design and implement the Speech Recognition module and develop the appropriate browser for the telephone, kiosk and smart wireless devices, as well as the conversational system for the two cities. In a next stage, the modules related to delivery of web content to smart wireless devices and enabling natural speech input on these devices will be defined and implemented. Then, the development of content and relevant applications will take place. The project will specify, develop and implement the Application Abstraction module, develop software implementing both multi-threading parallel systems and tools and methods for transformation of content into the most suitable format depending on the requesting device. Finally, the project will perform testing of all components of the system on several Complex Service providing platforms and verification of the functionality of the individual modules. Multi-scalable services capable or accommodating expert and novice users, or users with educational or language barriers, the visually impaired and the handicapped with the same level of competency and ease.