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Distributed Applications and Middleware for Industrial Use of European Networks


The objective of the DAMIEN project is to develop building blocks for a middleware environment for distributed simulation and visualisation. Besides the multi-protocol communication library for heterogeneous networks it includes the handling of Quality of Service requirements in distributed simulations. A coupling code interface will allow to couple distributed applications. Tools for performance analysis and prediction are extended to assist in the tuning of distributed applications.
Two applications from industry serve as test cases for the developed software.

The purpose of DAMIEN is to respond to the emerging infrastructure of computational resources connected by high speed networks which is generally described as "the grid". By setting up this infrastructure, Grid technology is supposed to provide access to information and computational power in the same way as the power grid provides access to electricity. There is a huge number of issues that have to be addressed before this is becoming reality.
DAMIEN addresses a limited number of issues that relate to the usage of distributed computing resources in a computational grid. The objectives of DAMIEN are:
* To develop the necessary middleware toolbox that allows to access computing resources, run simulations on these resources based on optimised communication and develop code for such a scenario.
* To set up a testbed based on European high speed networks and computing resources that allows to develop, test and use the toolbox of DAMIEN.
The specific goals that DAMIEN sets out to be achieved are:
* To define a toolbox starting from existing tools for supporting Grid-applications.
* To implement the necessary changes and new functionalities for the toolbox within a testbed.
* To test the toolbox with real applications from industry in the testbed.

Work description:
The work that will be done in DAMIEN is:
* To define the necessary extensions of the tools that form the basis of the DAMIEN toolbox. Define the necessary new functionality for the tools. Define the integration of all tools into a single toolbox. (WP2).
* To implement these extensions and new functionality in the existing tools. Integrate the tools into a single toolbox and set up a testbed for applications. (WP3-7).
* To run industrial applications on the testbed using the developed toolbox. (WP8)
The results of the project will be measured against the usability of real applications from European industry. DAMIEN will continue the intensive work with applications from its industrial partners as set up already previously by the partners. In addition, during the life time of the project additional codes should be tested to make use of the developed toolbox. Furthermore, DAMIEN will make the testbed open to other European projects and users.

The project milestones will be:
1. At month 4: the full specification of the DAMIEN architecture requirements. Detailed specification of application scenarios.
2. At month 18: a first version of the building blocks allowing to start beta-testing for applications based on single building blocks.
3. At month 27: the final optimised version of the building blocks.
4. At month 30: the validation and assessment of the DAMIEN environment.

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