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Current State of Standardisation and Future Standardisation Needs for Intermodal Loading Units


The standardisation of intermodal transport units within standardisation committees has arrived at a critical state. Major decisions have to be taken that will greatly influence the technique and efficiency of intermodal transport in the future, adapted to the market demand.
Future standardisation trends and decisions will influence vehicle design and transfer equipment lay-out, as well as the parameters of European infrastructure design, European vehicle legislation and the efficiency of the European transport system, i.e. its ability to serve the principles laid out in the EC Communication on "Intermodality and intermodal freight transport in the EU" (COM (97) 243) and contribute to the overall goal of sustainable mobility.
The research study will report on the current state of this debate and its historical, technical and economical sources. It will outline the current trends in the standardisation debate and highlight the conflicts that currently are observed and certainly will continue in the future. It will encompass the opinions and expertise of various actors in the field covering all market segments. Finally it will give first recommendations
- on the direction that European standardisation of intermodal loading unit must take,
- on the possibilities and needs for European transport policy and research to promote this standardisation process,
- on the capacity of European transport policy to incorporate the current standardisation proposals and to react to the trends in technology, economics and standardisation of intermodal transport to further promote the competitiveness of the European industry.


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