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European wind turbine Standards II



The project aims to contribute to the technical harmonization of the European wind turbine market by two means:
- Development of guidelines and recommendations on technical issues on wind energy technology, which are not covered by existing draft tandards, or criteria which are crucial for European harmonization. They will be applicable by standardisation bodies (CEN/CENELEC, IEC), wind turbine designers and certification institutes.
- Implementation of a network of measurement and testing institutes in which uniform methods and procedures are used. This EUREC Agency MEASNET organization guarantees high quality measurements and mutual acceptance of measurement results.

Tehnical Approach

The project is a continuation of the Joule II project CT93-0387, which resulted in recommendations for technical guidelines and measuerement practices for the European wind energy industry. This project cover two technical issues, not covered or not sufficiently covered by existing (draft) standards. In addition it includes the implementation of MEASNET, a co-operative organization of wind turbine test institutes, in which uniform, standardized and mutually agreed upon measuring methods are applied.
The technical issues chosen are:
- Load spectra and extreme wind conditions;
- Quantification of failure probabilities;
- Integration of blade tests in design;
- Power performance in complex terrain;
- Site evaluation techniques.

The first measurement procedure to be harmonized within MEASNET is anemometer calibration. Additionaly measurement procedures for power performance, noise production and electrical power quality will be dealt with.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

As a result of this project European (CEN/CENELEC) and International (IEC) standardization bodies are guided effectively on the way to uniform standards for the wind turbine industry.
An EUREC agency MEASNET organization of the main wind turbine test institutes will be in operation, guaranteeing well defined and mutually agreed upon measurement procedures. Internal assessment of quality control will be defined and maintained. A procedure for admission of organizations other than the founding institutes will be effectuated.
Practical guidelines and/or status reports on the selected technical issues will be delivered.
Information exchange with all relevant parties will be achieved through continuation of the EWTS bulletins, covering the news on the project and on related subjects such as standards and normalisation procedures relevant for the wind turbine industry.

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