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Research, development and technological testing of a high energy flywheel of 20 kWh energy storage and 10 kW power



To define the energy storage capacity and power as required by the market for residential peak shaving and load management.

To design, develop and test a laboratory prototype High Energy Density Flywheel system having energy storage capacity and power as defined by the market analysis. As maximum target values 20 kWh and 10 kW are put forward.
To define the techno-economical parameters to make the High Energy Density Flywheel system an efficient load matching factor for renewable energy sources.

To define the necessary safety requirements.

Technical Approach

A detailed analysis of a large number of load diagrams will be made by the Belgian utility Electrabel. From this analysis the best set of performance parameters - energy storage and power - and maximum allowable investment cost will be determined.

These parameters will be the starting point for the design of a first laboratory prototype. This prototype will be used to test the concept with regard to its performance, safety, dynamic behaviour etc. It will also serve to validate the models used in the preliminary market analysis, i.e. to compare the real peak shaving efficiency to the presumed one.
From this experience a second prototype will be developed and tested in a 'real world' situation.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

This project aims to understand the peak shaving capacity and in general the capacity to perform load management in a residential environment with systems based upon High Energy Density Flywheels. It should also clarify the techno-economical feasibility of such systems.

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