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100 kW MCFC integrated stack development and testing


The state-of-the-art in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) technology in Europe in 1993 permitted the construction of 10 kW systems. The next stage of development is the scale-up to 100 kW units. This size comes close to what is required in the low range of industrial cogeneration applications.
This project aims to accelerate the development of large power plants based on MCFC technology. A 100 kW MCFC stack will be developed and tested for use as the electrochemical module of an integrated system (Compact Unit CU). Experimental data are expected also on the most critical components of the CU.

Testing and validation of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell(MCFC) technology(MCFC) will be carried out on a 100 kW size stack with special arrangements for the methane reforming system and ancillary stack equipment: Sensible Heat Reformer, Catalytic Burners, Recycle Blowers, Piping and containment Vessel, Thermal insulation, Instrumentation. A specific aim of the project is to improve the integration of components in the electrochemical system (Compact Unit) to optimize the thermal and fluidflow management. the multifuel capability of such a system will be examined and environmental aspects will be considered.

The work will be performed starting from results obtained on a sub-scale stack. Ansaldo Ricerche (ARI) will define the general configuration and requirements, with the support of ENEA for modelling. This work will take account of the Test Plan Requirement to be prepared by Tecnologia del Grupo INI (TGI), with the support of Iberdrola as a Utility.

Previous work be used in the detailed design of all CU components, mainly performed by TGI (Stack, Sensible Heat Reformer, Recycle Blowers, Vessel, Piping and instrumentation, System Control), and a design review will be performed by ARI.

All the components will be manufactured, including porous (ARI) and non porous (TGI) parts of the stack, which represents a very important part of the project. The manufacturing of other components of the CU will be aimed at testing prototypes for the most critical of them (e.g. The Catalytic Burner which will be developed jointly by TGI, ARI and AEA Industrial Technology).

The stack, assembled by ARI, will be shipped to the test site (S. Augustin de Guadalix,E) to be placed on the Iberdrola test stand. The tests will be performed according to a detailed test plan prepared by TGI with the support of Iberdrola and will be run by Iberdrola, with the participation of TGI, ARI and ClSE.

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