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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-04-19

Integrated structural imaging of seismic data


The objective of the project is to develop techniques for obtaining clear and detailed images of complex subsurface structures or of layers located below such complicated overburden. This will lead to an improvement in the productivity of exploration and to the possibility of more accurately delineating potential reservoirs in complex geological structures. An essential part of the project will consist of studying how to introduce geological knowledge into the process and how to validate the results according to both geophysical and geological criteria. Another important aspect will be the study of the applicability of a certain number of migration algorithms under these specific circumstances.

The research will deal with:
1. Seismic methods
The development of inversion techniques that are capable of accurately imaging complex subsurface structures (faults, overthrusts, structures below salt domes,etc.) A number of "prestack migration" (2D and 3D) techniques will be considered, based on different approaches, and will be evaluated. Seismic validation techniques will be included.

2. Macro model estimation and updating
The development of techniques for the determination and updating of the seismic velocity model (macro model), which integrate geological information. This is one of the keys to a successful application of the inversion algorithms. It will be done either while applying the algorithms or during the interpretation of the results.

3. Geological methods
Quality control of the structural model obtained after inversion and upgrading of the macro model under geological constraints. An essential part of the research effort will consist of feasibility studies that will be conducted by means of extensive tests on 2D and 3D synthetic examples. It is foreseen that all participants will process the same data, each of them with in the limits of his own possibilities.

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