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Terceira geothermal-identification and characterisation of a new deep seated high temperature geothermal reservoir Phase I


The aim of the project is to demonstrate the existence of a commercially exploitable high temperature geothermal field on the island of Terceira (Açores). The work will include the precise location and delineation of the geothermal field and will define its hydrothermal characteristics. The results will be used for a subsequent commercial feasibility study and for exploitation to be undertaken by the government, Community or private institutions.

The project will be carried out in two phases. Within Phase I, subject to the present contract, emphasis will be put on the exploration of geothermal areas on the island. Due to the strong relief of this volcanic island the following exploration techniques will be applied:
1. Synthetic Aperture Shuttle Imaging Radar combined wiht multi-spectral ERTS Imagery and aerial photographs to detect tectonic lineaments and, with the aid of field geology, to prepare a detailed volcano/tectonic map with factual interpretations of the sequence of events. Results will be used for the selection of areas.

2. Detailed rare gas ground emission mapping and monitoring, especially of the combination Radon with He, Ar, Hg and CO2 in the selected areas. Results will lead to the selection of a single area of 5 x 5 km.
3. Ground resistivity survey of the selected area using magnetotelluric soundings, permitting detection and location of small volumes of low resistivity material at depth even in rugged volcanic terrain.
The foregoing will provide all the information necessary for the selection of a priority slim-hole diamond drilling target for the second phase of the project.

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