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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-04-19

Development of a complete reference system for harvesting, collecting, storing and converting high-yield crops for efficient and environmentally acceptable production of electricity

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The project investigated and integrated the cultivation methods for cereal energy crops, harvesting and transportation, pelletising, storage, gasifier/engine power generation and utilisation of the energy in great detail. This highly successful project provides a framework which will enable potential suppliers and users to evaluate biomass systems, and to recognise the technical and economic requirements for viability. Biomass represents a considerable potential energy resource in Europe. This project built on previous research by devising a reference system for the conversion of biomass. The reference system includes the cultivation, harvesting, transportation, pelletising, storage and conversion of biomass and the distribution of the energy generated. The latest cultivation techniques, harvesting methods and logistic concepts for transportation and storage of biomass were

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