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Brass-board integration of a reformer/fuel cell/battery/electric motor system for electric traction

Exploitable results

The project aimed to integrate a reformer, fuel cell, battery and electric motor in order to enable all three components to be integrated into a stationary test rig, simulating the operation of a hybrid electric vehicle. Using methanol as a fuel, the performance of the system would then be assessed under simulated vehicle driving conditions. The main objective was to design a system that could provide the energy/power required to run a van, weighing five tonnes, carrying out delivery services in an urban area. Although much research and development has already taken place on a range of fuel cells, batteries and reformers (for converting methanol into hydrogen), very few experiments have investigated the operational characteristics of complete, integrated systems. The project therefore represents state-of-the-art research in the field, integrating the various components in a "brass board" set up and conducting laboratory tests. The brass board is a completely self-supporting system, in terms of sustaining all internal use of electricity and compressed air.

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