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Decentralized production of electricity from biomass

Exploitable results

The project was concerned with an examination of the potential for the conversion of energy crops into electricity in rural areas. This involved a study of solid biomass for power outputs between 100 kWe and 2 MWe. Both commercially available and developing technologies were examined. A mapping approach was also developed for identifying potential areas for energy crop supply. In Europe fossil-fuelled electricity generation and combined heat and power (CHP) systems of different sizes are available. Some specialised biomass thermal processing systems exist, as do other power generation components, but the components have not been integrated, compared and assessed critically as complete power generating systems. This perspective is needed to address the implications of adopting biomass systems for energy production. The study was undertaken at European level in order to cover a wide range of crops and to draw on the broad experience of the participants. CAP legislation requires a percentage of arable land in the EU to be set aside for non-food uses. Energy agriculture is a possible use for this land. The global environmental issues involved need to be tackled on an international scale.

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