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Modelling economy-energy-environment linkages : A European panel approach


To solve theoretical and econometric problems encountered in development and application of models linking economic and environmental parameters.
Unilateral environmental protection policy is increasingly seen as inadequate to properly address these issues. This is particularly true for assessing externalities of greenhouse gas production and global climate change. The model will provide information for dealing with this problem.

The spatial dimension of the CGE/econometric model, its sectoral disaggregation, behavioural description and quantitative evaluation will be established to provide a tool for the Community to develop improved strategies.

The method will combine CGE and economic approaches to economic, energy and environmental modelling. It will contain data related to interactions within the Community as well as between the Community and other parts of the world. It will also permit simulation of traditional economic policies as well as simulations of changes of the economic structures resulting from these policies. Game-theory concepts will be used to describe policy interactions across countries.

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Gruppi di Ricerca Economica Teorica ed Applicata
Dorsoduro 3907A
30123 Venezia

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London Business School
United Kingdom
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