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Design study for a 25 kwe dish/stirling system

Exploitable results

Dish/Stirling systems are small decentralised solar-thermal power systems for generating electricity in the range of 5-50 kWe. The individual systems, when clustered together form power plants of between 5-10 MW. The larger 25 kWe system developed in this project offers significant improvements to the economic and technical potential of solar thermal plants. Small Dish/Stirling systems of 5-10 kWe have been successfully developed, demonstrated and applied in the Mediterranean region at the European Solar Test Centre at (PSA) Almeria, Spain. Studies of the economic and technical potential of these solar thermal power plants, consisting of clusters of 5-10 kWe systems, have indicated that there is considerable potential for the development of larger units. The aim of this project was to develop a complete system design, and deliver first order cost estimates, for a 25 kWe Dish/Stirling system. Inputs for the design of this system has been derived from the operating experience gained on the three 9 kWe systems, already installed at the PSA.

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