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Development of a multipurpose heat pump for domestic application


This proposal aims at the development of small heat pumps intended for heating, cooling and sanitary hot water production in single family dwellings located in moderate climates. The heat pumps to be developed are of the single stage compression type allowing to operate in the following modes :
- space cooling and sanitary hot water production
- space cooling and heat rejection to the environment
- space heating with heat extraction from the environment (or from ventilated air)
Outdoor air temperatures will be limited to -5°C during winter. The heating capacity will be in the range of 1 to 5 kW.
The work programme consists of the following elements :
- analysis of overall performance data for the operating modes listed above, taking into account meteorological conditions, and aimed at the determination of the optimal heating and cooling power levels - identification of optimal environmentally acceptable working fluid and cycle calculations
- design of a first generation prototype heat pump
- construction and performance evaluation of the heat pump
- design, construction and performance evaluation of an optimized second generation prototype.
The detailed calculation of the heat exchangers will be based upon the experience of the proposers in the field of heat transfer and thermodynamics.
For the design of the whole heat pump use will be made of computer aided design techniques allowing three dimensional analysis of the component assembly.
The performance evaluation will take into account effects of external operating conditions (temperatures), transient behaviour etc... upon power levels and COP. Also the noice level of the heat pump will be evaluated. The capacity control of the heat pump will be achieved by means of expansion valves possibly of the electronic type. The advantages of the use of compressor speed control will be investigated taking into account the costs involved.

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