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Inhalt archiviert am 2024-04-16

Construction of a direct methanol fuel cell stack


Construction and test of a direct acidic methanol 100 KW fuel cell stack with the following characteristics :

cell voltage = 0.4 V
current density = 0.1 A/cm2
voltage drop 0.1 V
anode potential = 0.35 V
cathode potential = 0.85 V
electrolyte temperature = 60 C

Electrochemical measurements and long-operation testing (100 hours).

Three phases :

1. Preparation and tests of catalysts and electrodes (Pt-Ru anode and Pt, PtAu or preferably active carbon cathode) and tests of two types of methanol fuel cells concepts : solid polymer electrolyte or matrix (SIEMENS, INNOVISION).

2. Construction and performance of single cells to define the system for the stack (SIEMENS).

3. Construction of a small 10 Watt 5-cell stack for the reproducibility of cell production and cooling plate & sealing procedure testing. Definition of current-voltage characteristics for 100 kW stack (SIEMENS, INNOVISION).


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