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Follow-up on WEGA


The present project is an extension of project JOUR-0025 with the purpose of performing a design review in order to identify the cost reduction potential for commercial versions of these turbines :

The Richborough Wind Turbine, operated by PowerGen Pic.
AWec 60, operated by Union Fenosa.
The Tjaereborg Wind Turbine, operated by Vestkraft I/S
The LS1 turbine of similar size, but of a different technical concept, operated by Scottish HE, is included in this new study.

The strategy for the project is as follows :

- Loads are measured under the present WEGA-measurement programme and reported according to common report templates, prepared as part of the project,in order to facilitate subsequent analysis. Similar measurements commissioned by UK DEn have been made on the LS1 and will be used in this project.

- On basis of a comparision between the measured loads and the design loads, a design review will be performed on the four machines with the aim of finding the cost reduction potential of the designs through component and/or subsystem design improvements. The improved design shall be of the same basic concept as the turbines.

- The contractors will conduct a design review of their respective turbines whereafter the coordinator makes a comparison on a technical level so that where possible conclusions on a common basis are reached.

A WEGA synopsis report shall be produced with the following aims :

- To give an overview of the essential results of the design, construction and first period of operation of the three WEGA turbines.
- To disseminate the first R&D results to the public but also to ensure that the gained experience and the learned lessons are utilised in the next generation of large wind turbines.
- Some general information on the LS1 and its inclusion in this project will be added.

A design review shall be performed on the following three WEGA turbines :
- The Richborough Wind Turbine, operated by PowerGen Pic.
- AWEC 60, operated by Union Electrica Fenosa.
- The Tjaereborg Wind Turbine, operated by Vestkraft I/S.


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