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Exploitable results

LINGUANET is a multilingual Windows extranet built by Prolingua Ltd. It presently serves the cross-border communications of over thirty operational police sites in eight European countries in seven languages. Many operational successes concerning drugs trafficking, child abduction, stolen vehicle recoveries, credit card fraud, hooliganism etc. have resulted from its installation. Intended for multiple-language messaging, LINGUANET uses controlled language, standardised vocabularies and data elements, graphics and sounds within the framework of set profession-specific message templates or layouts. Developed and rigorously tested during two years within the context of multimodal cross border police operations which demand accuracy, simplicity, speed, mobility and security, LINGUANET can also be rapidly engineered for many other application areas. Business communications, medical communications, exchanges relevant to distributing manufacturing being examples. Despite over twenty five years of effort and massive financial investment, broad grammar machine translation projects have failed to provide anything which can produce the level of reliability required for mission-critical communication between speakers of different languages. LINGUANET has achieved its result by deploying pragmatic operational language techniques developed by Prolingua's researchers over a fifteen-year series of research commissions in sea, air, police and emergency service communications. The methodology is proven. A system is built, tested and live. There are therefore considerable opportunities for profitable exploitation in a number of market sectors provided that suitable businesses alliances can be formed. The current application is in the police domain where purpose specific police messages created and transmitted in one language and supported where necessary by graphics are now received accurately and securely in eight languages according to destination/choice. No such provision has existed before and the operational results in terms of the fight against international crime have already proved the need for and the quality of the result. Development is underway to provide an extension of the police system capable of handling the messages exchanged between services of many nations during responses to natural and unnatural disasters and major incidents. Public sector applications of this sort are needful but may only be profitable in societal terms. More financially profitable private sector applications under consideration include: private sector security, bank card fraud, vehicle hire fraud, international business transactions, international insurance reporting, international exchange of medical records. Any application which requires the exchange of reasonably predictable or conforming messages between many language groups using static or mobile technology is a good candidate for LINGUANET. Project URL :

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