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The MAIS project is a preparatory action for a large-scale follow-up action that will allow the fast introduction of automatic public transport information services at minimised risk. This preparatory phase is carried out in close cooperation with the RAILTEL project that has similar aims. By using automatic information systems (AIS) access to information is guaranteed 24 h per day and the operational costs, which are currently increasing with the ever growing demand, can be significantly reduced thereby freeing the operators for more profit making operations like ticket sales and reservations. MAIS paves the way for the successful deployment of AIS by giving them an interface that allows for natural and multilingual interaction, thereby making the services accessible even for people that are not aware of the technology. An operational AIS demonstrator has been developed that provides accurate train schedule information for Germany. Within MAIS this demonstrator will be extended to understand Dutch and French. In addition to prototype versions for Dutch and French of the demonstrator system, MAIS will also result in a platform for continued research into advanced AISs. The deliverables encompass reports on existing services and application requirements, multilinguality and extension of the system to two new languages, a common methodology for assessing the user acceptance and the system performance, as well as improvements in speech recognition.

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