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Coordination of and participation in an intercomparison of masses in the range of 1 tonne up to 5 tonnes


The most accurate force standards are based on machines operating on the deadweight principle. They make use of well known masses which bring about accurate forces under the influence of the local gravity. In order to calibrate the masses used in their deadweight machines the National Standards Laboratories of the Community have developed various facilities. They need to be compared on a regular basis in order to ensure consistency of measurements of masses and forces throughout the Community and to achieve mutual confidence on the standards of the Member States. However, no intercomparison of masses above 1 tonne has ever been undertaken between the National Standards Laboratories.

The aim of the project is therefore to undertake an intercomparison of mass standards in the range of 1 - 5 tonnes in order to show the level of agreement between the European mass standards in that range and to determine reasons for differences. 5 masses of nominally 1000 kg will be circulated to the participants.

The project will start in 1992.


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