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Meat quality evaluation by an innovative system application capable of measuring fat presence in livestock bodies


The Sees joining this project believe in the great importance of evaluating living animals and carcasses by studying the ratio among different components as well as meat and fat quality. For theist reason, the main objectives of the proposal are: to test a system capable to improve the production of high quality meat; to obtain higher quality meat with excellent characteristics as requested by consumers; to find a control system for quality meat since the first phase of animal growth; to find a system in order to obtain animal feed with high nutritional characteristics; to evaluate commercial value of animal carcasses. These goals are in line with Consumer nutrition and well being; New and optimised food materials and nutrition food products; Advanced and optimised technologies and processes. Nowadays, the most widespread systems are applied on dead animals byan encroaching method that foresees the penetration of a mechanical instrument in the carcass in order to obtain the value of subcutaneous fat. The proposal intends to set up a system that, without painfull effects to animals, uses the bioelectric impedance methodology basing measurements on Resistance and Reactance, two parameters directly connected with the total water content in tissues. By the

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