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Using Internet tools and services available to European researchers, REMOT will develop and validate remote control of real-time experiments and facilities with feedback of multimedia results. Validation will be done by users in the fields of astronomy and plasma physics. The two independent demonstrations (in two real environments) will illustrate the feasibility of teleoperating experiments, and the suitability of the architecture developed. The project will visualise the potential of cost-effective shared access to expensive research facilities, as well as wider participation in joint research from throughout the EU.

The REMOT project objective is to develop and validate a generic approach to allow remote control of scientific experiments and facilities that require real time operation and multimedia information feedback, using communications infrastructure available to European researchers.

The validation of the generic approach will be performed by representatives from the two user communities participating in the project: the Astronomical community, which has telescopes located at far places -such as islands and/or mountains- and the Plasma Physics community, that is concentrating expensive experimental facilities in a few places in order to pool resources.

A generic teleoperation system shall be built, using as much as possible available elements from other projects or off-the-shelf, plus ad-hoc software modules. The communications infrastructure will be based on the Internet, where necessary using underlying dedicated network infrastructures to ensure that real time and safety constraints can be met. Over this generic remote operation system, two independent demonstrators will be built in order to show the feasibility of teleoperating scientific experiments in two real environments, and the suitability of the architecture developed.

The project results will potentially enable large savings, by allowing for shared and more effective access to expensive research facilities. Furthermore, the potential of performing remote experiments will also enable a wider participation in joint research undertakings from all regions of the community

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