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SCIMITAR will reinforce the overall coherence of projects in the Telematics for Research sector by encouraging an exchange of experience and expertise between them. Communication with activities linked to related technological developments will prevent duplication and promote good practice. The project will support dissemination of results to the research community, for which it will act as an observatory, and also coordinate sectoral work with the activities of external bodies via cooperation with the ETHOS and CONCORD initiatives. Sectoral projects will be also assisted by SCIMITAR in producing inputs to standardisation processes and in the production of information about their results.

The SCIMITAR project will reinforce the coherence of projects addressing the tasks of the Telematics for Research workplan, by promoting synergy between them and providing a channel for exchange of expertise and experience. The project will facilitate information flows with other activities addressing related technology development and deployment. The project will prevent duplication of effort, and promote exchange of best practice within the sector.

SCIMITAR will act as a focus for dissemination of results to the research community, and will provide the channel for coordination between the work of the sector and external bodies, through close cooperation with the Programme level activities: ETHOS (Technology and Market Watch) and CONCORD (Concertation Activities). It will also function as a technology observatory for the research community, tracking the rapid developments which characterize this sector.

SCIMITAR will contribute to the work of other projects in the sector by assisting them in producing input to standardization processes, and in the production and dissemination of information about their results, either as papers for conferences, or through the channels of the World Wide Web.

The main results expected are:

- a focal point for co-ordination with Programme level support actions and external organizations;

- a common framework for dissemination to the research community, including easy access to project results;

- seamless co-operation between projects;

- increased European involvement in relevant international bodies;

- techinal notes for project partners on technology issues of interest to all projects;

- inputs to the programme level ETHOS project (Technology and Market Watch) and the ETHOS newsletter;

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