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To demonstrate the electrification of isolated dwellings by small stand alone PV system. 30 isolated houses on the island of Stromboli, in the village of Ginostra, north of Sicily, are equipped with a simple 350Wp PV system to supply 24V dc for energy efficient lights, a refrigerator, tv and small water pump.
The houses are also be equipped with small solar DHW thermosiphon systems.
All 30 plants operate very well and to the satisfaction of the users. Most of the systems are able to supply more electricity than required by the users.
Several of the dwellings on Stromboli Island are in isolated positions, on steep slopes at heights between 100 and 300 m.
In order to protect the rural landscape and the special local environment it was decided not to supply these houses from a central electricity grid, or a small grid powered by diesel generators. Thirty of these houses are therefore electrified using simple, stand alone PV systems.
The PV systems consist of 350 Wp made up of eight 45Wp Ansaldo or 44 Wp ITALSOLAR (Pragma) modules, a 350 Ah battery, operating at 26V and a control system. The system is designed to meet the needs of a small, 3 or 4 person, family group, using energy efficient fluorescent lighting, an energy efficient refrigerator, a small colour television (40W) and a small water pump (100 W rated).
The group of 30 houses is divided into three groups of 10 and each group is equipped with a different battery charge control system.
(10 systems are equipped with a chopper, 10 systems with an ON/OFF regulator operated by a PLC and 10 operated via simple voltage sensors).
The installation work was carried out by a specialised local company (CEI Sicilia) based in the nearby city of Palermo. Each one of the 30 installations is equipped with a low-cost, reliable Data Monitoring System, DMS, specially designed by ENEL. The following data are read about every month (by the plant users ) on the electromechanical counters :
1) Solar irradiance
2) Produced electric energy
3) Consumed electric energy
4) Operation time of the DMS
5) Number and duration of interruptions of the two supply lines.
Optionally data can be recorded on data loggers.
The hot water consumption of the 16 houses equipped with thermal solar collectors is also recorded.


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