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Telematics in the Information Society


The DEPLOY project aims at forming a bridge between the Telematics Applications Programme and the Information Society. The initial focus of the project will be on education, rural areas and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project will identify the needs in these areas and the barriers ans obstacles to the successful deployment of telematics. Subsequent development will include EU-wide study of central issues and strategies, followed by expert synthesis of the results. An electronic forum open to participants will regularly collect and circulate information on all DEPLOY activities.

The European consortium DEPLOY aims to form a bridge between the projects of the European Commission's Telematics Application Programme and the Information Society.

DEPLOY's task is to anticipate vital issues to be addressed for the successful deployment of these applications in the Information Society. To this end, it will bring together key partners to work on expectations (i.e. barriers, obstacles and needs), to validate them and then to approach decision makers to determine the best mode of deployment. The project will be user driven and will take an iterative approach.

This initial DEPLOY project will focus in depth on three domains of users :

- Higher Education & Research

- Rural Aspects

- Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)

The Users' Expectations will be identified in 3 domains with respect to the deployment of new telematics applications. The issues will be validated with projects in the relevant Telematics programme sectors (Education & Training, Urban & Rural), and local meetings will be held in each member state. The next step will be to enlarge the number of barriers, obstacles and needs by consultation with the other sectors of the Telematics Application Programme. At the same time the syntheses of the issues will be given a regional perspective by holding seminars and workshops in six relevant European regions.

By this stage in the project, around 40 seminars and workshops will have been held in all 15 EU countries involving over 1000 key people in validating the identified issues and initially formulating possible solutions and strategies.

DEPLOY project partners, and an associated group of High Level Industry Experts will then synthesise the results. The latter will be selected for both their ability to understand telematics problems and their access to (and influence with) decision makers at the highest level, in both the economic and political arenas. With the assistance of the experts the validated expectations will be described as scenarios for which solutions can be identified, for example issues concerning copyright may be addressed from a legislative viewpoint. Finally the project will validate these actions to overcome barriers, obstacles and needs with a selected number of Telematics Applications projects.

Throughout the project, a major element will be the use of an Electronic Forum, which whilst specifically for the DEPLOY project and the Telematics Application programme in general, it will also be open to all interested participants. Information will be collected and diffused by this mechanism for each activity undertaken by DEPLOY.

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