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VADE MECUM is a design study focusing on a regional corridor linking towns, cities, ports and regions across Ireland, the UK and The Netherlands. The study will confront technical, intitutional and socio-economic problems in the area arising from commonly encountered user needs in travel and freight operations. Imminent large-scale investment plans there offer considerable scope for utilising advanced telematics to manage the interdependence between contrasted types and stages of transport. Initial study of the corridor will lead to confirmation and comparison of user needs and technical solutions across its different regions and sectors. Three technologies have so far been identified as candidates for future demonstrations.

VADE MECUM is a corridor project linking towns, cities and regions across Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands. The design study is justified by the need to solve challenging technical, institutional and socio-economic problems encountered within the corridor arising from user needs in Network Management, Traveller Information, and Freight Operation. Problems which are far from unique in Europe

The corridor has a wide variety of road network types and usage with constraints and diversion options and institutional diversity. Over the next 5 years, large infrastructure investments present many opportunities for demonstrations of ATT. The passenger traveller and freight carrying scenarios are numerous. They include multiple languages, modal interchanges and interactions between rail and road corridors, ferry and road, rail and road links to airports, and land and sea frontiers. There are a large number of journeys, of wide variation in type and distance, within and between regions, and internationally between Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Over 50 organisations are associated with the study via the contractors. Many are 'intermediate users' such as infrastructure owners, urban and inter-urban road network managers, public transport authorities and operators, road haulage operators, port authorities and ferry operators, ATT equipment manufacturer and service providers. These intermediate users are in close contact with end users such as travellers using cars, trains, trams, buses, coaches, ferries and airports. Commencing with an examination of the corridor characteristics, user needs will be confirmed by VADE MECUM and compared across industry sectors and regions. Potential demonstration projects and sites within the corridor will be defined to meet the users needs, clearly identifying pan-European aspects and technical feasibility, and assessing socio-economic benefits. Three technologies, TraDEx, TURTLE and CELENIS, have already been identified for detail study.

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