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TELEPROMISE sets out to test and demonstrate integrated telematics applications bringing numerous business and public services such as teleshopping, information on local household services, public information, libraries etc. available to European rural communities. Provided mainly by local operators, these services will be accessed via public multimedia terminals in villages, or home-based terminals. A planned project model envisages widespread extension of similar systems in rural areas elsewhere. The potential for exploiting them will be increased by use of less expensive existent technology, and by demonstrating how they can generate revenue or cut costs.

The project aims to implement and evaluate the exploitation potential of a range of integrated telematics services for citizens in rural communities. Services will be selected on the basis of research with pilot communities in Drenthe (NL), mid-Jutland (DK) and the Aran Islands (IE), meeting service needs which are not currently met locally. Both commercial and public services are expected to be included and in each community a range of services will be provided aimed to generate frequent usage. Citizens will access services either via a public access multi-media terminal, located in a convenient building in the village, or via a multi-media home terminal.

Service providers will be chosen as far as possible from businesses or organisations currently operating within the local area. The logistics for the delivery of tangible products ordered via the system will be incorporated within the project.

The project aims to develop a model for future implementation of such an approach in many rural areas. Exploitation potential will be maximised by using existing technology, least cost solutions provided that user requirements are met, and by demonstrating the revenue generating and/or cost saving potential of these telematics services.

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