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Photonic Integrated Circuits Accessible to Everyone


1st Plan for using and disseminating knowledge and results

This plan will detail the dissemination strategy for the project overall, indicating the audiences to be addressed, the type of contents to be covered, and the related means for dissemination. Also, for M7-18 it will detail the concrete measures planned, and for M19-36 the measures envisaged provisonally.

Report on ASCs Capabilities

Report on ASCs capabilities will be given, including infrastructure already present at the ASCs institutes, available software design tools, exchange server will run for technical document sharing and various (technical and economic) issues tracking, training courses followed by ASCs representatives and their experience.

Project web site

An overview of the project is published on the project website for raising public awareness and informing potential users on the available support. Also the consortium partners and their roles will be presented.

2nd Plan for using and disseminating knowledge and results

The first plan will be updated in the light of activities of WP4 and steering committee findings. Also, it will detail the concrete measures planned already for M19-36.

Uniform working protocol for the JePPIX application support centres

The uniform working protocol for the JePPIX application support centres will be elaborated and proposed, including step-by-step procedure to support development of photonic ASICs for external users. This shall be related to feasibility study, choice of technology, assuring technical support with right software tools and know-how, advice on the value chain for possible volume request.

Data management plan

The data management plan will identify format and ownership for data generated within the project, and identify appropriate material for wider dissemination to a broad audience. Strategies for sharing project findings with other integrated photonics and optics initiatives will be identified.

Project registration system

Project public website and portal for file sharing are delivered. The website will serve as an entry point for SMEs and businesses seeking to upskill within PIC technologies. Additionally this provides an internal resource for the project partners and users.

1st Communication Kit

Includes in particular project presentations for the general public and the targeted users.

3rd Communication Kit

Focus is on the main project achievements and the expected benefits. The project presentations will be updated as appropriate.

2nd Communication Kit

Focus is on the offers in place and the other main achievements so far. The project presentations will be updated as appropriate.

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