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Development and design of a new friction twister, heating and automatic quality control for high speed machines with low pollution impact

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Yarn gets a new weaving

Making the European textile industry more competitive also concerns making it more automated, faster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Under a BRITE/EURAM 3 programme, a Spanish company instigated several innovations for high speed texturing machines that improved overall performance of machines currently used in the industry.

Industrial Technologies

Formulating designs in the weaving industry where yarn is woven into bobbins suitable to produce textiles, several developments were needed to improve the current processes. Focusing on friction twister discs, heating and cooling devices as well as other critical functions, the project achieved considerable results. For example, in the case of the friction twister discs, the programme developed asymmetric discs which can work effectively at speeds of over 1500m/ minute. The machine also has controlled production characteristics that reduce waste production and defects. In many cases, yarn production lines are slowed when it comes to the cooling process because cooling plates cannot cool the yarn effectively at such high speeds. By designing a new set of cooling plates affected with special surface treatments, high speed cooling has been achieved. Overall, aside from these developments, the programme successfully met the main goals it set out to achieve, decreasing energy consumption, defect and waste, and also reducing noise impact levels whist raising production levels from 800m/min to 1500m/minute. The developers, Gassol Fibras SA, in Spain are looking for marketing and license agreements.

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