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CORDIS Express: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

This edition of CORDIS Express looks at some of the EU-funded projects exploring new therapies, tests and treatments to tackle prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in men in the EU, with 417 000 new cases diagnosed and 90 000 deaths annually. In 2011, approximately 3 million men in the EU were living with prostate cancer and there were about 70 new cases per 100 000 each year. As Europe’s population ages over the coming years, this problem is expected to grow - prostate cancer affects almost exclusively the over-65 age group, which accounts for over 92 % of its mortality. Where do we stand in terms of tackling this growing problem? A 2011 report on the state of men’s health in the EU acknowledged that we still have an incomplete understanding of the causes of prostate cancer, and there have been problems with certain methods of detection. The use of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test to detect prostate cancer at an early stage is indeed said to significantly lower the death rate and the prevalence of metastasis. However, unwise use of PSA tests can lead to undesired side effects and harm men unnecessarily treated for cancers with low degrees of malignancy. A range of EU research projects are currently drawing together researchers from across Europe to address the overall problem of prostate cancer. Together, they are paving the way towards novel therapies to prevent prostate cancer and developing new diagnostic tests and analysis solutions as well as treatments to help curb the disease. This edition of CORDIS Express looks at just a few of these projects. - Trending science: Dogs sniff out chemicals linked to prostate cancer - Fast-track cancer diagnosis - Improving prostate cancer diagnosis - Cancer Diagnosis: Parallel Sensing of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers - A novel Androgen Synthesis Pathway in treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer


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