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Panoramic security

A new surveillance system stitches images from multiple cameras into a single panoramic view. This will help improve security services.

Industrial Technologies

The 10-member EU-funded CHAMELEON project will devise a new video surveillance system by combining video from multiple cameras for a panoramic view. Development focused on the algorithm necessary for low-power processing of the video stitching and on hardware designs. The project began with a meeting to determine system specifications. The meeting included decisions to use analogue cameras and input, which would be converted to digital. The stitching and image-extraction algorithm was mostly finalised during the reporting period. Link budgets, for the communications processing, were confirmed using a link budget calculator, and training for this tool was delivered to small business partners. The calculator helps the installer set up the system and correct for perspective. A website has been created, and other dissemination activities include attendance at security conferences and press releases. When complete, the project should have a commercially attractive surveillance system that should find applications in high-security areas such as buildings and airports.


Security, camera, video surveillance, communications processing, panoramic, link budget

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16 March 2020