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Innovative Transport SME Support Action

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Enhancing the innovation capacity of transport SMEs

An EU initiative has helped European businesses in the transport sector to embrace innovation, thus enabling the emergence of more efficient and eco-friendly transport solutions.

Industrial Technologies

Within the transport sector, translating cutting-edge research and development (R&D) into practical applications is crucial for creating better societies and cleaner environments. The EU-funded INTRASME (Innovative transport SME support action) project looked at how to bring innovative products and services to the market more efficiently. Key areas the project focused on were electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles, new technologies in light aircraft, and smart mobility or end-to-end journey management for all transport modes. To achieve its aims, project partners developed a series of activities and tools enabling European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in the low-carbon transportation and smart mobility industries to translate research results into products and services. They identified and examined barriers SMEs face in accessing EU R&D programmes, and developed guidelines for exploitation plans to help disseminate and exploit EU innovative products and results in the global market. The team also analysed how new SMEs obtain and make the most of new technologies, developed case studies and identified opportunities for SMEs to quickly commercialise innovations. Networks were set up to foster and strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation in EU regions where barriers have been identified. To support the networks, a web-based platform based on user needs and a best practice toolbox were created. Several events and a series of roadshows, workshops and demo sessions were organised to disseminate and exploit the products and services of EU R&D initiatives. INTRASME introduced SMEs to quicker and more efficient paths in bringing their innovative products and services to the transport market. This should help SMEs bring Europe a step closer to greener, cleaner and more efficient transport solutions.


Innovation, transport SMEs, innovative transport, electric vehicles, alternative fuel, smart mobility

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