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Support to security end users

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Security innovation via involvement of end users and operators in research

More innovation in the security field will help keep citizens safe while strengthening this important industry sector. An EU initiative boosted the uptake and participation of end users and operators in security research and innovation (R&I).

Industrial Technologies

As security threats rise with the advent of globalisation, security research in Europe may be lagging behind due to a lack of cooperation between researchers and end users. This not only hinders progress in security, but affects the competitiveness of security solutions produced by the European market. The EU-funded ARCHIMEDES (Support to security end users) project addressed this challenge by redefining security innovation in Europe through 10 roundtable discussions held in different European countries. It supported the validation of research results and exploitation by bringing demand and supply closer together. To provide end users with tools, procedures and best practices for maximising R&I outcomes, project partners developed an innovation management methodology. It also fosters a common innovation management culture among end users and operators. The ARCHIMEDES team delivered a series of recommendations on innovative management practices, end user and operator needs for R&I participation and funding schemes, specific operational needs in 10 key security market areas, and on building strong public-private dialogue. They specifically target security end users and operators, the EC's Security Research Programme, and European and national policymakers. In addition, a manual was produced to familiarise end users and operators with European research procedures and funding schemes, and participation and application processes. A security forum was set up that links various stakeholders to encourage dialogue and information exchange. A European network of national organisations for security has also been proposed in order to establish permanent dialogue and sustainable cooperation between organisations within the EU tasked with coordinating national security demand and supply. ARCHIMEDES results are being disseminated to key EU security representatives and decision-makers, including organisations such as Frontex and Europol, with the aim of mapping future security research. Reinforcing cooperation between product/service suppliers and end users, supported by EU policy backing and enhanced innovation, will help improve security and sustain the industry as well.


Security end users, operators, security research and innovation, demand and supply, innovation management

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